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ReVoLTE: Eavesdropping Possible on Encrypted LTE Calls

A new study revealed a foundational vulnerability in the VoLTE calls, which could enable the attacker to eavesdrop on voice calls and even extract important data. The vulnerability is named ReVoLTE. The study Call Me Maybe is conducted by researchers from Ruhr University Bochum. A theoretical framework for the study was laid down by Raza…
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Microsoft August 2020 New Patch fixes 120 vulnerabilities, two 0-days

Microsoft released its updated version recently for its users. It fixed 120 vulnerabilities in 13 products in this new version. Out of these 120, 17 are rated as most critical. The rate at which Microsoft is patching its vulnerabilities is probably putting a lot of pressure on its CVE team. Out of the patched vulnerabilities so far,…
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Browser CSP Bug Exposes Billions of Users Vulnerable to Data Theft

A bug was discovered recently in chromium-based browsers- chrome, opera, edge on Windows, Mac, and Android, which allows the attacker to bypass the CSP protocols entirely.  Gal Weizman, a JavaScript expert at Perimeter X, found the browser bug and vividly talked about it in his blog. The bug, CVE-2020-6519, was present in the chrome versions 73…
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HaveIbeenPwned to go Open-Source

HaveIBeenPwned (HIBP) is a website that allows its users to check whether their data has been compromised. Its founder Troy Hunt who is also a Microsoft Regional Director, an MVP, and a renowned speaker, regularly shares his journey about HIBP through his blog. A recent announcement about the platform going open source has put it into the limelight. …
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GEDmatch Breach: DNA Data of Million Users Exposed

A major breach in GEDmatch led to alterations in the permission setting of all the users. On 19 July, a security breach was reported to the GED officials when an attack was targeted at the server via an existing account. To handle the situation, the site was taken down by the authorities. The breach resulted…
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India as an Emerging Hack-For-Hire Hub

As the Cyberworld is advancing, so are the methods of invading cybersecurity by the attackers. Hacking, just like any other profession, has two types of usage- legitimate and non-legitimate. A recent report by Google TAG indicated a rise in hack-for-hire operations and claimed that most operations are based in countries like Iran, India, China, etc. …
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AI the Future of Cybersecurity: Managing Threats and Exclusive Risk Management

Artificial intelligence is a field of science that is interested in finding solutions to complex problems through computing algorithms based on human decision mechanisms. The purpose of using AI is to solve the issues and offer solutions in a short period of time using algorithms that could have been used by any human but would…
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Cybersecurity to take a front Seat for Businesses since COVID-19

For any organization, its data is the most crucial entity that needs extensive protection, given the type of data breaches that are happening around the world. The attackers employ various ways to get access to the data.  The novel Covid-19 has resulted in a substantial shift from a centralized network database to the remote cloud-based…
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$10 Million Reward by RJF to Catch Cyber Intruders

The United States of America will be having its presidential elections in November 2020. This is a crucial period when the intruders will be trying to compromise the critical information related to the campaigns for undermining the election process.  During the 2016 Presidential elections, Russian hackers had leaked Hillary Clinton’s emails and documents to turn…
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Latest NSA Guidelines for Limiting Location Data Exposure

The National Security Agency has recently issued an advisory about the threats imposed upon by the exposure of the location data of the users. The report vividly explains how the location data can be accessed via different mediums and what we, as users, can do to ensure minimum data breach.