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27 Years Old Russian Arrested for offering $1 Million to USA based company employee for planting malware

Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world – Ginni Rommety. With the advancement of technology, the Cyberworld is also emerging with some evil mindsets. They are always waiting for the opportunity to take privileges of the system. The FBI has arrested recently Russian nationalist named Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov on the charge of…
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New credit card attack, Inter skimming kit used in homoglyph attacks

Hackers working for financial motives to extract the credit card information of the users is not new. Several methods are being adopted over the span of time to trick users into giving their details. Further progress has been made in this regard. Malwarebytes has identified a new type of attack used for credit card skimming.  It combines…
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Coordinated attack on Reddit, Hackers Hijack Mod Account

A coordinated hack attack happened on Reddit a few days ago. The hackers have reportedly posted messages or changed subreddit design in support of President Donald Trump.  The attack seemed to target high-profile subreddits just like the twitter hack that happened last month when twitter accounts of high-profile personalities were hacked, and tweets were made from the…
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Iranian Hacker group: first APT to use DNS over HTTPS for Attacks

An Iranian cybercriminal group, also known as APT34, has been reported as the first-ever known group to use DNS over HTTPS protocol to exfiltrate data on compromised systems. Vicente Diaz, a malware analyst for antivirus maker Kaspersky, spoke about the attacks at a webinar last week. He said that these types of attacks had been…
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Arrested Whitehat Hackers Requested for Good Samaritan Law

Last year in September, two pen testers Justin Wynn and Gary Demercurio, who work for the firm coalfire, were arrested for felony charges by the authorities when they were just doing their job. They had been appointed by the state on a contract basis to check the physical and technical security of the courthouse premises.…
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Energy Market Manipulations Using IoT Botnets

The Dark Reading recently interviewed Tohid Shekari, a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Tech, concerning his work with Raheem Beyah about using the IoT botnets in a stealthy way for manipulating the energy markets.  According to Tohid, IoT botnets have been recently used to attack the auto domains. The attacks started to emerge in the field…
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WhatsApp ‘hijacking’ Resurfaces again

The WhatsApp hack that has been in the news for a year has seen a recent spike in the number of attacks since the novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. An audio message of the recent hack victim Deepa Lekshmi went viral on WhatsApp, where she recounted her plight of her WhatsApp account being…
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US intelligence authorities warns of new strain of chinese virus ‘Taidoor’

A Chinese virus named Taidoor has been recently reported as a potential threat by the US government in its Malware Analysis Report (MAR) jointly released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Defense (DoD). The virus poses a threat mainly because of its ever-evolving…
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17 Year Old Teenager and Two Others Are Arrested for the Biggest Twitter Attack

A 17-year-old teen and two other 19 and 22-year-old individuals are arrested who were behind the biggest twitter attack that happened on 15th July 2020. It is being considered as the most disastrous cyber attack in the history of social media.