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Hackers Using Smart Home Devices To Live Stream Swatting Attacks

The US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) recently stated that the attackers have now started to take control over smart home devices and security systems via breached emails and passwords and are using them to live stream the Swatting events. Swatting is a hoax call (a call made to trick someone for malicious purposes) made…
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US And Canadian Banking Customers Being Targeted By AutoHotKey-Based Credential Stealer

An ongoing campaign initiated in the early 2020s was discovered with bad actors that were distributing a new credential or password stealer which was written in AutoHotKey (AHK) scripting language. AutoHotKey is built and aimed at serving easy shortcut keys for macro-creation and software automation that could allow users of Windows to repeat and automate…
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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack Using Malware and Backdooring

Earlier this year, some foreign hackers (believed to be the from Russian intelligence SVR) somehow hacked into the systems of SolarWinds and were able to code a spyware in the company’s one of the most common and widely used software – Orion.

Operation SideCopy: Cyber Espionage targeting Indian Army – The Hack Report

Quick Heal researchers warn the government of a new cyber attack suspected to be routed by Pakistan based APT-31 and backed by China.Seqrite, Quick Heal’s threat intelligence group, recently found evidence of an Advanced Persistence Threat(APT) against the Indian Army and allied forces. The operation is dubbed as “Operation SideCopy.”The operation is said to be…
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Researchers finds ongoing surveillance campaign from 2014 targeting Iranian expats and defectors

The history of Iranian cyber-offensive operations has shown that the same threat actors responsible for espionage against the private sector are engaged in surveillance of human rights defenders and are significantly more successful. The relationship between Iran-originated cyber activities and the government, as well as the motivations for such operations, is made more apparent by the lens…
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German Ransom

A German Patient Dies After Ransomware Attack Paralyzes German Hospital Systems

In an unusual case, a German woman died of ransomware. German police have launched a homicide case against the hackers.  In a first of it is kind, a female patient from Dusseldorf, Germany, due to getting a life-saving treatment died as a result of a cyber-attack at Dusseldorf University Hospital which resulted in locking the…
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Instantaneous Increase of Emotet Trojan Attacks reported by authorities from Japan, France, New Zealand

In 2014, Emotet was first discovered as a “simple” banking trojan intended to steal financial data. Since it has developed over time into a botnet and incorporated modularity, such as the ability to distribute ransomware using worm-like functionality, therefore, it has been described by the US Department of Homeland Security as “one of the most expensive and…
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Instagram Retaining Deleted User Data: Bug Reported by Researcher

A bug was reported recently on Instagram by a researcher, Saugat Pokharal, in a blog post. Saugat is a security researcher who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. He revealed that he accidentally found out that the company retained the copy of data on its servers even when the users had deleted it from their accounts.  Instagram is…
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EVILNUM group targeting Financial firm

EVILNUM, an advanced and persistent threat community with the bulk of targets in EU countries and the United Kingdom, has also noticed threats in countries such as Australia and Canada. According to ESET’s telemetry, the EVILNUM group’s priorities are financial technology firms – for example, businesses that provide online exchange services and resources.  Previously, Evilnum…
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FBI and NSA expose new Linux Russian malware Drovorub

The cold war started in 1947, leading to the race of nuclear weapons that might have ended in 1991, but the relations between the two world powers have never been friendly. The two nations never hesitate to trouble each other. But this time, the FBI has shown serious concerns regarding a Russian“wood cutter.” What is…
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