Month: August 2020

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WhatsApp ‘hijacking’ Resurfaces again

The WhatsApp hack that has been in the news for a year has seen a recent spike in the number of attacks since the novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. An audio message of the recent hack victim Deepa Lekshmi went viral on WhatsApp, where she recounted her plight of her WhatsApp account being…
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New Vulnerability ‘Boothole’ Threatens Billions of Linux, Windows Devices

A new vulnerability, named BootHole, has been discovered recently by two Eclypsium researchers, Mickey Shkatov and Jesse Michael, in the GRUB2 bootloader. Most Linux systems utilize GRUB2. It also supports other operating systems such as kernel and hypervisor. According to the release, almost all signed versions of GRUB2 are vulnerable, even if they have enabled…
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US intelligence authorities warns of new strain of chinese virus ‘Taidoor’

A Chinese virus named Taidoor has been recently reported as a potential threat by the US government in its Malware Analysis Report (MAR) jointly released by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of Defense (DoD). The virus poses a threat mainly because of its ever-evolving…
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Latest NSA Guidelines for Limiting Location Data Exposure

The National Security Agency has recently issued an advisory about the threats imposed upon by the exposure of the location data of the users. The report vividly explains how the location data can be accessed via different mediums and what we, as users, can do to ensure minimum data breach.

The timeless timing attack- a more efficient way of remote timing attacks.

Recently, a white paper has been released by researchers at the Center for Cyber Security, New York University, Abu Dhabi, which has introduced a new type of attack. The attack is claimed to be a more efficient version of the remote, timeless attack and is named as Timeless Timing attack. Conventionally in a remote timing…
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Apple’s Touch Id- a possible gateway to your iCloud account?

A security specialist at an IT firm Computest, Thijs Alkemade, found a security flaw in Apple’s Touch ID feature in February. This possible security breach could leave the iCloud accounts of the apple users vulnerable and accessible to the attackers when apple’s touch Id feature is used for verification. Authentication Flaw According to the specialist,…
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Frustrated Researcher Drops Two Tor Zero-days Vulnerabilities

The Tor browser is used by users worldwide because of the security and privacy it provides to its users. It works on the principle of Onion Routing, which routes traffic through multiple servers and is encrypted each step of the way. This mechanism makes it difficult to trace what is viewed by the user.  However,…
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17 Year Old Teenager and Two Others Are Arrested for the Biggest Twitter Attack

A 17-year-old teen and two other 19 and 22-year-old individuals are arrested who were behind the biggest twitter attack that happened on 15th July 2020. It is being considered as the most disastrous cyber attack in the history of social media.