Month: August 2020

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Iranian Hacker group: first APT to use DNS over HTTPS for Attacks

An Iranian cybercriminal group, also known as APT34, has been reported as the first-ever known group to use DNS over HTTPS protocol to exfiltrate data on compromised systems. Vicente Diaz, a malware analyst for antivirus maker Kaspersky, spoke about the attacks at a webinar last week. He said that these types of attacks had been…
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Cybersecurity for International Space Station

A former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy talked about the cybersecurity issues concerning space based infrastructure at the  Aerospace Village within the DEFCON virtual security conference. She served as pilot on Space Shuttle missions STS-92 and STS-112 and commanded mission STS-120 before leaving the agency in August 2009. The International Space Station (ISS) is a hub of computer systems, and…
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AI the Future of Cybersecurity: Managing Threats and Exclusive Risk Management

Artificial intelligence is a field of science that is interested in finding solutions to complex problems through computing algorithms based on human decision mechanisms. The purpose of using AI is to solve the issues and offer solutions in a short period of time using algorithms that could have been used by any human but would…
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Arrested Whitehat Hackers Requested for Good Samaritan Law

Last year in September, two pen testers Justin Wynn and Gary Demercurio, who work for the firm coalfire, were arrested for felony charges by the authorities when they were just doing their job. They had been appointed by the state on a contract basis to check the physical and technical security of the courthouse premises.…
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New Research on Speculative Execution Attacks: AMD, Intel, ARM, IBM Processors Vulnerable

There has been a lot of research conducted to determine the root cause of speculative execution attacks against modern processors and as it turns out the recently released research paper by the researchers at the Graz University of Technology explains the exploitation of pre-fetching effect more accurately than the previously published papers. It clearly states that…
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$80 Million Penalty on Capital One for July Data Breach

Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking and savings accounts. It has been charged with $80 million owing to a data breach that happened in July last year. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) informed about the fine in a Press Release. The OCC has…
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Cybersecurity to take a front Seat for Businesses since COVID-19

For any organization, its data is the most crucial entity that needs extensive protection, given the type of data breaches that are happening around the world. The attackers employ various ways to get access to the data.  The novel Covid-19 has resulted in a substantial shift from a centralized network database to the remote cloud-based…
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Researcher Demonstrate Hacking of 3D Printer by Triggering a Fire

A senior security consultant at Coalfire, Dan McInerney, published a three-part blog where he talks about the threats that modern-day IoT devices pose through an experiment. The experiment exposes the possibility of physical harm that the exploitation of these devices can cause even remotely. Such devices contain heating elements that can be weaponized by the attackers for…
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Energy Market Manipulations Using IoT Botnets

The Dark Reading recently interviewed Tohid Shekari, a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Tech, concerning his work with Raheem Beyah about using the IoT botnets in a stealthy way for manipulating the energy markets.  According to Tohid, IoT botnets have been recently used to attack the auto domains. The attacks started to emerge in the field…
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$10 Million Reward by RJF to Catch Cyber Intruders

The United States of America will be having its presidential elections in November 2020. This is a crucial period when the intruders will be trying to compromise the critical information related to the campaigns for undermining the election process.  During the 2016 Presidential elections, Russian hackers had leaked Hillary Clinton’s emails and documents to turn…
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