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Hackers Behind APOMacroSploit Malware Builder Exposed By Researchers

Cybersecurity researchers have revealed another sort of Office malware dispersed as a component of a vindictive email campaign that focused over 80 clients worldwide trying to control casualty machines and take data remotely. The tool dubbed as APOMacroSploit is a macro abuse generator that permits the client to make an Excel document with the capability…
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Malware For Apple M1 Chip Has Been Discovered For The First Time In The Wild

The first malware variant custom-fitted to run locally on Apple’s M1 chips has been found, hinting another advancement that demonstrates that threat actors have started adjusting with vindictive software to focus on the organization’s most recent generation of Macs fueled by its own processors. While the transition to Apple silicon has required developers to construct…
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Researchers Found Pakistan Officials Being Targeted By New Android Spying Campaign

Researchers from Lookout discovered two new Android surveillanceware families that have been targeting military, nuclear/atomic, and political entities of Pakistan and Kashmir as a component of a pro-India, which is a nation-backed/state-sponsored hacking operation/campaign. The malwares named Hornbill and Sunbird imitate genuine or apparently harmless administrations to cover its tracks, just to subtly gather SMSs,…
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Going Rogue – A Different Level Of Malware Development Package

Smartphones, especially Android have remained an appealing subject for threat actors and cybercriminals for a very long period of time. There are more than 3.5 billion active users of smartphones, out of which 3 billion smartphones are Android-based. This massive worldwide use of smartphones is what makes cybercriminals target them for malicious activities. However, the…
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