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Iran Performing Espionage Campaigns On Dissidents

As per CheckPoint, a cybersecurity company, over 1000 dissidents and expats are being targeted by two separate surveillance campaigns being operated in cyber-space by Iran. CheckPoint researchers explained that the campaigns were initiated against people in Iran and other 12 different nations involving the US and UK. Also, the two groups behind the campaigns were…
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Is It Impossible To Take Down TrickBot Permanently?

TrickBot, which is a prominent favorite tool for cybercrime groups, is a known banking Trojan that targets consumers as well as businesses for their valuable data such as account credentials, banking details, or PII (personal identifiable information), also capable of adapting environments and networks that it targets. TrickBot faced a takedown in November 2020, by…
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A Tool Developed By A Cybercrime Group Creates Phishing Pages in Real-Time

A novel phishing toolkit has been developed by a cybercrime group that has the capabilities to change the logos and text of a phishing page in real-time to adjust with the environments of the targeted casualties. This phishing toolkit, named LogoKit, has already been conveyed in the wild as indicated by threat intelligence firm RiskIQ…
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