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Online Trackers Are Now Shifting To New Invasive CNAME Cloaking Technique

More and more browser developers are constantly pushing harder to shift to third-party tracking, whereas organizations of advertising technology are now relying on a new DNS method to exploit these defenses resulting in threats and risks to user privacy and web security. A bunch of researchers including Guner Acar, Wouter Joosen, Yana Dimova, Lukasz Olenjnik,…
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Malware For Apple M1 Chip Has Been Discovered For The First Time In The Wild

The first malware variant custom-fitted to run locally on Apple’s M1 chips has been found, hinting another advancement that demonstrates that threat actors have started adjusting with vindictive software to focus on the organization’s most recent generation of Macs fueled by its own processors. While the transition to Apple silicon has required developers to construct…
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