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Android Devices Now Being Targeted By LodaRAT Windows

A former Windows RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that had the abilities of credential-stealing has now been upgraded and its scope has been widened to cover and target Android device users to increase the attacker’s espionage motives. Researchers from Cisco Talos, in a blog post, said that “The developers of LodaRAT have added Android as a…
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Devices With Android OS Are Being Targeted By New Matryosh DDoS Botnet

A recently emerged malware operation/mission has been found trapping Android-based devices into a botnet with the only aim to perform DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks on them. Researchers from Qihoo 360’s Netlab dubbed the malware as Matryosh. It was discovered that the malware is reutilizing the framework of the Mirai botnet. This malware spreads via the…
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