Social Engineers To Have A Final Frontier As UFOs And Aliens

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Social Engineers To Have A Final Frontier As UFOs And Aliens

Covered profound inside the latest round of COVID-19 improvement enactment was a little arrangement with possibly hazardous results: The Pentagon has a half year to deliver a full report on what they think about the presence of what they term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) — or UFOs to most of us. Ahead of the cutoff time, a website named Black Vault has distributed what originator John Greenwald Jr. said is each of the documents, CIA has on UAPs. The site claims that it has been on continuous attempts to get UFO reports from the CIA since 1996 and that the .PDF documents they’ve posted speak to everything the CIA had on the issue.

As subtleties contained in the CIA files trickle out and the Pentagon cutoff time moves nearer and expectation, interest and energy work about the presence of extraterrestrials increases specialists suggests that these are actually the sort of situations the scammers and attackers seek as an opportunity to perform some fruitful phishing scams. It is believed anything to everything that makes one curious, crazy, scared it stands out perfectly to be used for phishing scams. Cybercriminal just needs a curious user to turn him/her into a victim because that curiosity is what is used in social engineering, for instance, “If you want to know the truth about aliens that everybody hid from us till now, click the link below or visit”. Such statements make users to force themselves into such interesting eye-catching posts and become victims of phishing scams.

It is also believed that mobile users are much more vulnerable to phishing scams in such situations then compared to computer users, because no matter what data is released, it stays assured to being shared on social media on a very large scale, and most people access social media through mobile phones and are much less careful than while using social media on computers. Another fact is that cybercriminals have a wide range of ways to subject simplified mobile users easily by using any messaging app, an SMS, emails, and other apps capable of receiving or sharing data. Phishing scams are generally a follow-up by curious and interesting headlines like the year 2020 faced thousands of phishing scams under the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Some experts believe that the intensity of phishing scams seen in 2020 will most probably continue in 2021. Since the scammers/attackers are constantly evolving and news headlines are changing simultaneously, the UFO reports can be the latest frontier for the bad actors. Using aliens for leveraging phishing scams is a good trick that should be used in awareness training for employees.

Attackers/scammers/hackers who operate such phishing scams usually use social engineering and are in search of tricks to take control of users’ thinking and forcing them to click or reach websites or links regarding the scams. People should stay alert and avoid clicking links in spam or SMSs from unknown senders, unknown emails, greed offering ads, etc., and should be at least as much careful as they are while using computers.

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