Author: Sagar Joshi

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Microsoft’s Source Code Accessed By the Hackers Included In SolarWinds Cyber Attack, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft revealed on Thursday, that the hacker group responsible for the cyberattack on SolarWinds was somehow able to cut in their corporation and viewed some of its source codes. Microsoft also mentioned that they have discovered some form of unusual activities in some of their internal accounts and when investigated, they were able to detect…
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Pune-Headquartered Engineering Company Defrauded By A “Man-In-The-Middle” Cyber Attack

A Pune-based multinational engineering company was tricked and lost 56,000 euros i.e. more than Rs 50 Lakh via a cyber attack in which officials of the company becomes victim via fraudulent emails termed as the “man-in-the-middle” cyber attack. A “man-in-the-middle” cyber attack generally takes place in a business transaction where email accounts of either both…
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Top 10 Cybersecurity Stories That Made Headlines In 2020

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has activated an equal shift towards a remote workforce among several organizations all over the world, which also led to the adaptation of new technologies and new processes and this has increased the security issues. The weakening of security issues led to an increased number of cyber-attacks and data…
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Fresh Card Skimmer Found On Shopify, Zencart, BigCommerce, and Woocommerce Stores

Security experts have discovered a payment card skimmer that bad actors could use to steal the payment credentials by using a duplicate fake payment form with a key logger and showing an error message on receiving the credentials on Shopify, BigCommerce, Zencart, and Woocommerce powered stores. Till this time, the new card skimmer software has…
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Hackers Could Have Accessed Your Private Documents By A Bug In Google Docs

Google Docs is a free web-based application in which anyone can create, modify and manipulate documents online by having an Internet connection and a full-featured browser. Google has a feedback tool across all its services and a bug was discovered in that tool earlier this year. The bug could have let the attackers gain access…
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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack Using Malware and Backdooring

Earlier this year, some foreign hackers (believed to be the from Russian intelligence SVR) somehow hacked into the systems of SolarWinds and were able to code a spyware in the company’s one of the most common and widely used software – Orion.