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Many Video Calling Platforms Vulnerable To Snooping Due To A Bug In Agora SDK

McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research Team, published a report/research, according to which, attackers or hackers would have been able to snoop or spy on active private audio and video calls utilizing a critical vulnerability found in the popular SDK (Software Development Kit) of video calling platforms. The report explains that the vulnerability was found in SDK…
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A Vulnerability In Android App ShareIt May Have Allowed Hackers To Infuse Malware

Different unpatched weaknesses have been found in SHAREit, which is a famous application with more than one billion downloads, that could be mishandled to release a client’s delicate information, execute malicious code, and conceivably result in remote code execution. The vulnerabilities were discovered through Trend Micro‘s examination of the Android variant of the application that…
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